Monday, October 4, 2010

Coffee Soap and More...

I had a super busy weekend!  Many items posted on my Etsy. One of which was Coffee Nut Soap.  This one was so much fun!  There will definitely be more soaps like this one coming in the near future! It's a coffee scented Goat's Milk Soap.  Very nourishing for the skin.  The scent is the same as my Coffee Nut Lotions.  Some say they're "Good enough to eat". I included fresh coffee grounds for an exfoliant, and an odor remover.   

I also created a Cranberry Lotion with a slight shimmer (I used pink mica as a colorant).  It smells delicious and is so pretty in the bottle  :D

These are both on my Etsy.

Also added to my Etsy this weekend, are unscented versions of my Lotion and Body Butter for those with sensitive skin easily irritated by colorants and fragrance oils.  

There are some new Bath Salts scents as well.  I've done a Cotton Candy and a Cranberry.  The Cotton Candy is my new favorite.  :) There are sample sizes of all the salts available for $1.99.  There is enough in each sample for one bath, so if you're not sure of which scent you want, this is a great way to find out!  

Coming in late October/early November is Gift Baskets!  I'm welcoming ideas on what to include in them! Any suggestions? 

Also coming in late October - my first giveaway!  Stay tuned for more!  Info will be posted on my facebook!

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